[Resurrection] A year away, wow!

Well, I see I’ve been a year away from my blog – that just won’t do. Expect to see some posts catching things up from the last year of shooting, and hopefully a MUCH more consistent posting habit from now on.

For now, here’s a simple piece of work I shot just last night. Hope you enjoy!


[Performance Event] Tim Minchin in Atlanta!

Tim Minchin!This past Thursday, my lady and I were lucky enough to attend a performance by the absolutely amazing Tim Minchin in Atlanta at Center Stage Theater, and also lucky enough that I was able to carry in my big ol’ camera!  Their FAQ says smaller point and shoots were generally allowed in but didn’t mention the policy on DSLRs so I figured I’d “give it a shot” – and it worked!

I cannot say enough how much fun we had (I thought she might enjoy herself, but seeing as this wasn’t necessarily the type of thing she’d attend I wasn’t sure).  Tim is nothing short of a comic and musical genius, and the quite large crowd of attendees certainly seemed to have a great time (clocking in over two hours).  PLEASE give the man a good listen, look him up on youtube, or go to a show if you get the opportunity, it will be well worth the time and money.  He’s over from England for a tour, but who knows when he’ll come back again…

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[Pet Photography] Dharma, the Barbarian!

Dharma - 7 weeks old

A week after meeting Carrie’s beautiful little rat terrier puppy Dharma and getting some very cute photographs of her just after she came home, I wanted to do some updated shots to show how quickly she had settled in to her new home.  Instead of doing some “casual” pet portraits, I decided to go a bit more artistic with these – and she certainly didn’t seem to mind!

If you happen to be within the Athens or Atlanta area of Georgia and need some portraits of your pet, casual or elaborate, get in touch and we’ll make something happen!


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[Pet Photography] Hello Dharma!

I’d like to introduce you all to Dharma!  She’s six weeks old and just this past weekend got to go to her new home with Carrie in Atlanta.  I was able to photograph her just after she got home after a long morning of getting her first shots and a long car ride, so her energy levels were way down for a puppy – so she was actually a great doggie model!  For the rest of the weekend, as she settled in and did the things puppies do so well (sleep for twenty minutes, eat, go potty, play a little, eat, sleep a little more, play!, sleep a wink more, then wake up every two hours during the night needing to go outside to once again go potty) I was able to get few more slightly active shots as well.

Here are a few more of my favorite photos of her from the weekend – click on them to see the rest of on the wAbney Facebook page!  And become a fan and check out more of my photography while you’re there!

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[Portraits] Carrie, Windowlit

On a recent trip to visit my girlfriend Carrie in Atlanta, we did some windowlit portraits of her.  It’s been a while since I had done an all natural light shoot, and it was interesting readjusting to the idea I had to work around the light instead of being able to direct it how I wanted.  I ended up with some of my favorite photos I’ve shot – and she looks gorgeous!  Carrie wanted to include her cockatiel Paul Mitchell (named at least partially for how much she grooms herself!), who as usual hammed it up for the camera, as well as getting a couple of nice couple shots of the two of us. :)

[Pet Photography] New addition to the Family!

I’d like to use this blog post to (belatedly) introduce the newest little member of the family.

Without further ado, meet Echo!

Echo and Kylie
Echo with her new “sister”, Kylie.

This little cutie is just a few months old but settled herself right in.  She’s attached herself to me very strongly in such a short time, but as you can see from these shots, she already has a grooming buddy (thanks for the shots Carrie!).  We’ve starting work on her training already, as well as a lot of socializing.  I’m sure there’ll be another post in the not to distant future featuring more antics  of little Echo. :)

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[UGA Dance] Performance in Athens!

My good friend and photography subject Clinton Kyles took a position with the Diavalo Dance Company recently, leaving the Southern lands for LA.  On a break in early March, he was back guesting in a performance of the Contemporary & Aerial Dance Concert by the UGA CORE Dance Company of which he was formerly a member.

After meeting, shooting with and becoming friends with Clinton, he opened up my eyes on just how enjoyable dance productions can be, so just like before I was there in the stands (camera in hand, of course) snapping away.  Follow the link at the bottom for more of the frames I grabbed that night!

see the rest here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=340278&id=64149033968&closeTheater=1

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